Snob Bog

Snob Bog is an Augmented Reality experience

Snob Bog is an App that reveals animated experiences in augmented reality. The experiences take place in public spaces, and presents characters who appear in a cell phone app based on visual recognition of common objects such as cars, poles and fire hydrants. This project is a deep dive into experiments using immersive technology to create media anywhere and allows individuals to experience the characters regardless of geographic location

Prototypes of events from the Snob Bog app and developmental tech.

Snob Bog is site specific, but the site can be viewed by anyone with a mobile device. Much immersive work is equipment heavy, relies on a specific geographic location, or an image target placed by the producer, to trigger an event. Similarly immersive live theater is individually expensive, requiring enormous resources to produce an experience for a relatively limited audience, privileging certain classes and urban areas. This project seeks to overcome these challenges and divisions by making the immersive space as close to universally recognizable as possible while using available technology. The snob bog tool allows for a variety of interactions to be developed within the social space. It was initially planed as an experience in grocery stores. Covid changed that and it was re-imagined as an experience to enhance a walk around any neighborhood.

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