The Murmurs all look the same with the exception of one character wearing red. Over several visits to the aisle the Murmurs gradually congregate mumbling to themselves, holding a soft drink bottle, isolated, waiting for something to happen. When the red character arrives the soft drink bottles explode causing a glitter fountain.

The Murmur

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The Murmurs Scenario, Script

Setting: Soft Drink Aisle

This is a simple scene with similarly designed characters; each is wearing a type of cloak.

Scene 1:

A Murmur wearing a cloak is leaning up against a rack holding a bottle of soft drink and making noises under their breadth. They look up but look down again to avoid eye contact.

Scene 2:

The original Murmur and another at a bit of a distance are standing on different sides of the aisle; neither makes eye contact with the viewer or each other. They are both making noises under their breadth.

Scene 3:

The two Murmurs from the scene before are at similar places in the aisle and two additional Murmurs are standing together are in the aisle, one of the two new Murmurs has a red colored cloak. The one with the red cloak makes eye contact and is looking around in a bit of an agitated way. All are making noises under their breadth.

Scene 4:

The two Murmurs that were alone are now each standing with another Murmur. The couple from before is standing with a third Murmur with a total of six. They are all looking around but not making eye contact, each of them has a bottle of soft drink (one or more could be removing one from the shelf if possible.)

Scene 5:

The entire group is standing in a circle in the aisle, an abstract shape is exploding from the floor –as the viewer passes each member of the group looks at them but blocks them from seeing into the circle. As the viewer passes the Murmur with red cloak looks up.

Red Murmur:
“We’ve been missing this”


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