In Development

Aisle of Charismas

In a collection of tableaus, each character is generating a musical sound created by gestures of generosity or selfishness toward another character. The aisle fills with characters creating a ‘Perpetual Canon’ of sound as the viewer walks through the aisle.


Chickie is a bitter character constructed of city buildings held together with crutches and braces. T-Bone has puppy-like features. Chickie regularly offers T-Bone a kick in the pants.

Chickie is interested in having an open relationship. It becomes clear Chickie already has some one in mind, and then it is revealed that Chickie has already acted upon it. T-Bone is nonchalant but inimically loads a hook-up app while they are shopping. Later T-Bone meets a stranger in another aisle and has the realization that they are more eligible than Chickie.

Indulgences 2

While fracking is going on in the aisles Daddy Tom, Dee’s dead father’s Ghost, visits her. He is an alcoholic who got sober long enough to divorce her mother. While in rehab he realized Dee’s mother was only interested in his money. He told her he wants a divorce on the day she has planned a surprise party for him.

He remarried a wealthy woman who had no interest in his money. While they were on an excursion during a cruise in Turkey he got sick. His new wife did not want to miss the boat and gets stuck there, so she called Dee and told her that she thinks Daddy Tom died in Turkey. Dee has to put a bribe of $12K on her AmEx card to get the body back. 


Amply is a fleshy character by the meat case. Amply questions the meaning of existence while sending social network updates on everything he eats. Each meal is better than the next on an increasing scale of superlative designed to make others wonder how they could eat such dreck. Amply thanks the dinosaurs for dying and creating the resources for plastic. 

On the other side of the aisle is a character named Nashma that Amply ignores. Nashma is confused, homeless, living under shelf and has forgotten where they are or is lost. Nashma is slight and has an opening with fluid running out. Nashma offers viewers a cup of coffee, even though they have none, and gives suggestions for how to navigate the store that don’t completely make sense. Nashma gets Amply’s attention. Amply is initially annoyed and tells Nashma to be happy because there are so many products here. Eventually, Amply notices he can stuff meat in Nashma’s opening and stop it from oozing fluid.  

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